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I'm Listening

As some of you know, I have a long and deep relationship with coffee. As a result, I do a great deal of my work at coffee shops throughout Fort Wayne, but mostly on the SW side of town. I'm actually posting this from the Coventry Starbucks.

My daughter was kind enough to sketch this sign and then Liz laminated it for me (perks of an in-house pre-school teacher!). I’ve attached it to the back of my computer. I hope that if you see me at a coffee shop that you, your friends, or your neighbors will interrupt me as I work.

As I’ve said before one of my commitments is to Collaborative Communication. I want SACS to be an engaging and supportive learning space for all its students. In order for that to happen, the SACS system must include communication across (in both directions!) the complex networks of relationships in which our students and teachers find themselves.

As I campaign for school board, you have a unique opportunity to voice your concerns and questions about the direction of the school system, your ideas for improving the system, or just to say that you think everything is going great.

So if you or someone you know doesn’t want to email me ( and doesn’t find what you’re looking for on my FB page ( or my website, please, interrupt me when you find me at a coffee shop.

Why I'm running

Nancy Foutch approached me about running for the SACS Board for Aboite Township (SWAC 1) and I promised to look into it. A current SACS Board member was kind enough to meet and talk with me about the Board, the demands of the position, and the qualities needed for a School Board Member. After talking it over with Liz, she decided I should run and I agreed. 


As the parent of one middle school student, one elementary student, and a two-year old, I have a vested interest in the directions our schools are headed. 


As an Associate Professor at IPFW, who will be teaching SACS students, whether they go to school right after high school or decide to pursue additional education after a few years in the workforce, I have important insight into what these students need to be college-ready. 


As Chair of the Allen County Ethics Commission, I have important experience in public service and in open door meetings. 


As an Applied Ethicist, I am well aware of the demands of responsible action in the face of limited time, limited resources, and the conflicts-of-interest inherent in this kind of work.


I welcome the opportunity to serve the residents of Allen County on the SACS Board and welcome your support this November.


Please don’t hesitate to contact me with questions or concerns. Email is the best way to get a hold of me and we can set a time to talk.

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