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"The microbiome is a relatively new area of medical attention. Ethical issues related to the microbiome have barely been identified, much less carefully analyzed. This volume is an excellent start toward that ethical analysis. Many of the arguments are persuasive and provocative. In particular, some contributors challenge the ethical need for anonymizing microbiome specimens as well as the need for individual informed consent for specific uses of these specimens. I highly recommend this volume for all those interested in the microbiome and in new frontiers in medical ethics."
-Leonard M. Fleck, Michigan State University

"This volume is a fine example of bioethics at its best."


-Nicolae Morar, Environmental Philosophy

"While health care coverage is often looked at as a 'dollars-and-sense' issue, Wynia and Schwab open our eyes to many different issues that employers face. By encouraging an ethical approach to tough decisions, they are providing a service that employers large and small can use to make the best possible health care decisions for all employees. Their guideposts, when considered together, are intended to put employees in a position to understand and appreciate their health care benefits."


—William Wiatrowski, Office of Compensation and Working Conditions, Bureau of Labor Statistics, Monthly Labor Review

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